My paint came out textured - what did I do wrong? - If the paint has a rough texture, easily rubs off or has an orange-peel effect, the paint dried before it had a chance to properly adhere to the frame. Likely this was a result of painting too far from the frame and or painting when it’s too hot. This is more likely the case when using the Fluro paints due to their high powder content and extremely close painting distance. We suggest lightly sanding the paint so the paint that did not properly adhere comes off and repainting after practicing getting the paint to lay down nice and smooth. Additionally, rubbing the paint down with parchment paper about 20-30 after you paint will help compress the paint.

My Top Coat / Keirin still feels sticky, like it's not dry. - It is likely because the paint was applied when it was too humid out. The humidity is really critical for the clear coats and Keirin collection. If the humidity is high while painting, the paint incorporates the water in the air when the paint is sprayed, weakening the adhesive upon landing, and effectively preventing the clear coat from curing. 

My Clear Coat dripped - Clear coats are tricky and being able to apply a really nice clear coat takes some practice. The thicker you can lay down the clear, that shinier it will be, however it is a fine line before it drips. If you get a drip in your clear coat, we recommend wet sanding it with 2000 grit sandpaper until it’s nice and smooth (it will make it look dull, that’s okay) and then applying another coat to make it shiny again. 

The frame isn’t as glossy as I wanted - It is very difficult to get a really glossy clear coat with consumer paint. Many of the really shiny clears contain nasty VOCs that we do not have in our paint. Additionally, clear coats are tricky and to get a really glossy clear coat requires some still and practice. The thicker you can apply the clear coat, the glossier it will be however, thicker coats have a higher chance of dripping. More thinly applied clear coats have less of a chance of dripping but the finished product will not have quite the same depth and glossiness. You can buff the clear coat with a clean lint free rag to help the clear coat look a bit more shiny.