Spray.bike is more a powder than a wet paint, and should be applied different than you would regular hardware store paint. The prep range, finish range and Metal Plating Collection will spray more like a traditional spray paint, whereas the colors necessitate that you apply the product at a very close distance. 

Example of proper spray distance and technique for applying colors - spray distance 2-4 inches. You can see that the paint is being applied about 3 inches from the frame in long smooth strokes.

Another example of proper technique when spraying the colored paints. 

The Fluro colors are a little tricky to work with due to their high powder content. The biggest mistake people make with them is painting too far away. You want to get nice and close, ~2 inches from the frame. This seems too close, so practice a bit first to get the feel. I suggest, trying to make it drip to see where that point is. If you are getting a rough, orange peel effect, it means the paint is basically drying before it hits the frame. It could be too hot (check website for details) or you are painting too far away. It is important to always spray out first to get a go flow of paint before spraying the frame. For the Fluros we also suggest a white base coat, which primer will provide. Additionally, rubbing the paint down with parchment paper about 20-30 after you paint will help compress the paint.

The Frame Builders Metal Platting Collection is fairly straightforward to use. It is ‘wet’ though, so don’t get too close (spray distance: at least 8 inches) or it will dribble. Because you paint a bit further away, the paint is applied more in little spurts rather than long smooth strokes. We recommend wearing a mask when applying these paints. 

The Metal Primer and Cold-Zinc Primer should be applied to raw metal. It is pretty straight forward to use and sprays more like a "traditional spray paint", it is ‘wet’ though, so don’t get much closer than 8 inches as it will drip. However, because it is acrylic, it’s sandable when dry – so any mistakes can be rubbed away. Again, make sure to wear a mask and paint outside or in a well ventilated area.  


The Keirin, Transparent Gloss and Matte Top coats spray out of the can with high pressure and should be applied at a distance of at least 8 inches. Without any pigment, the Top Coats will drip so take care when spraying. We recommend applying no more than 200ml in one application / coat. 

Keirin application:

Gloss and Matte application:

Transparent Gloss or Matte Top Coat from Squid Bikes on Vimeo.